Teacher’s Community

We (Asiriyarkural) created a huge platform for teacher's to share their information.
By registering through asiriyarkural.com steps to be follow: 1. find top level menu called "Teacher's Community" 2. click on join community 3. Register .or click here to register
After regiteration Activation link is at your registred e-Mail inbox or in spam.
Find the Activation link in your registered e-mail inbox or in spam box. just by clicking the link your account will be activated.
after login by clicking the menu teacher's community ---> select "Members" or if already logged in means just click this link to find teacher friends.
by clicking login from teacher's community menu.
you will be redirected to login page
by providing your username and password you will on asiriyarkural home page.
at top right corner you can find you name by clicking your name you will be redirected to your profile page.